Weekend recap: Building a new life?

As I’ve spent more time in Dublin, I’ve begun to realize that perhaps this is the city for me after all. The size and people seem to suit me. I even spoke with a few Irish people who watched an American football game with me last night. But what’s more, home is what you make it. And it’s becoming more apparent that New York will never be that for me.

I’ll get to that later in another post, but I spent most of the weekend trying to take in as much of the “authentic” Dublin experience as possible. I watched the All-Ireland GAA final at a pub in Rathgar with my friend Niamh and we caught up on how Irish life has been treating her. (Note: we met at school back in the states). I attended an Oktoberfest even with some new Australian friends, one of whom made the trek to Dublin all the way from Sydney. There are also lots of Americans about in Dublin. My background and my work has enabled me to blend pretty well here, and this upcoming week I have some doctoral interviews at Irish schools. Something I grapple with a lot in my work is the sense of “Irish” identity. I’m not Irish. I could live here for the rest of my life and I never will be. But I have an acute sense of what home means, and home is whatever you make it. If I choose to stay here in Ireland, I’m sure it’ll be grand.

However, today begins the real exploration in this project; what it’s like to be considering the reverse of what so many Irish do; leaving a life in the United States behind for one in Ireland. My family left for any number of reasons; I might be the first to walk their path backwards.

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