Rising From The Cracks

I’ve been watching a sunflower come up in my yard from a distance over the past week. It is rising high above everything else in our yard and it stands resolute like another sun in the sky. Although small, compared to most other nearby plants, it is the most significant and strikingly beautiful edition to the landscape. It is unmistakable and a you see it no matter how quickly you scan the horizon. It is a billboard of achievement. This sunflower is like your dream. The one that got away. The one that fell through the cracks.

You see, near the sunflower is a bird feeder and upon taking a closer look, it becomes apparent that a bird dropped this sunflower’s seed between a crack in a wall. That is where the sunflower is rooted.

Your dream is that strong too. It doesn’t matter what your current circumstances are, your dream is still possible! It can grow from where it is into a beautiful life if you are willing to get focused on it and allow it to grow.

Your dream can survive a fall through the cracks and grow into a beautiful life, yet unseen.

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