Transmedia is the wonderful conception and practice of media that expands a particular story across other major social platforms. The Marvel Universe for instance, now owned by the Walt Disney Company, began with a superhero in 1939 and is now living at the peak of a multimedia empire ranging from a multistory feature film kingdom, playful merchandise, and theme park. Or at least that is my opinion from the reading, which had its definition of transmedia vary too often to solidify into a single concrete idea.

I think the strongest example of transmedia would be a film franchise. It’s now commonly done where movies turn into video games and toys and film sequels, and on certain occasions lead to a whole theme park. This makes it an excellent marketing tool that can increase income on a product by reaching a wide age group and audiences with varying tastes.

I feel, however, that transmedia is commercializing these stories more than appreciating them as works of art. It’s very hard to write a screenplay that captures the masses. These have turned into “popcorn” films and in a way may have cheapened the movie experience (cheapened as in decreasing the quality of the story and lack of depth of character involvement and development).

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