Bombing Nazis > Punching Nazis

wars over riots

The system has made it very clear to us: War is its only language. It is beyond the realm of violence or destruction: it is War. It deserves to be capitalized. It is property and it has its own rules. When we go high they go to War. When we go low they bring the War to our homes. Our country was not founded by protests, it was founded via War. Slavery was not ended by protests, it was ended via War. The question we must ask ourselves is this:

Do we want change enough to go to War?

I used to love a good riot. I was in San Francisco when the Giants won the 2010 World Series. After the game we poured into the streets and reveled in the glow of victory and the burning toilet paper draping the muni lines. Property was destroyed, fireworks were lit, and the party took over the entire city. We did this every other year until we didn’t.

I have cheered from my room as I watched online broadcasts of protests the world over. I support whatever action the oppressed must take to be heard and to affect change. I am a pacifist, but I understand and identify and empathize with the war-torn and the victimized. That is why I am done with rioting. I am done with rioting because though it is a similar language to the warmongers who rule over us, it is not their native tongue. They speak only in War, and it is a language we must learn to speak ourselves.

Antifa is as close as I get to any sort of political affiliation, but I am no longer impressed by burning garbage cans and smashing bank windows. Philosophically these anti-fascist activities are sound and I will continue to encourage them for the catharsis they bring, but in order to affect real change I fear there is only one course of action that will change this shitty world we live in: War.

Democrats hate the protests because they are “violent” and Republicans hate the protests because violence only belongs in War. Twitter user @leducviolet in this tweet makes the claim that our previous rioting efforts were perhaps not strong enough. This statement might seem absurd on its surface, but looking at the Media’s obsession with war, and the Dems submission to the warmongers, it is highly probable that War is the only expression of the radical left that they will accept.

To be candid: I’m not sure if we should change anything. I fear that the oppressed risk becoming the oppressors when following the path for which I am advocating. Society is a monstrous, hideous thing when viewed from afar. Our individual tribes might seem good enough, but it is power, it is numbers that transforms us like some sort of neon green substance spilled forth from a barrel, changing us into the the very monsters we might seek to destroy. But I cannot say those monsters should not be destroyed. Though we risk starting the process over, with only a shift in who plays which role, War might be the wild fire to humanity’s forest. A force that keeps the balance in check, that takes away the underbrush and nourished the soil, that allows new life to gain a foothold.

Do I like violence, let alone War? No. Would I like to be caught in the midst of a raging wildfire? No. But history is our understanding of our nature, and they each must run their course. At this point in our own history, our own story, we have found an increasingly alarming world stage. We have fought tooth and nail against every type of enemy threatening every bit of our livelihood. We have won many battles, but now in 2017 we see that we might be losing the War.

Obama led our country well enough, but the system has ushered in a new force that is quickly undoing all of Barry’s good work. Along with Trump came the Nazi’s, and suddenly we have a new call to arms. Garbage has been burned and windows have been smashed and Milo has been silenced (for now) but what is worrisome is how our two main political parties have responded. I fear their responses because they paint a clear picture of the only solution they will respect: War.

I do not understand War. Surely I could not lead this effort and I am not sure I would even fight in this War, butI do not see any other answer at this juncture. Until then we should keep burning garbage and breaking windows, drumming up support and instilling fear in the fascists. Perhaps soon War, or some miraculous Other will make itself known to us.