Emanate is an audio exchange protocol designed to enable producers, distributors, and influencers in the music industry ecosystem to connect via blockchain based smart-contracts.

They are a company who has been on my radar for quite some time now, as the problems they set out to solve are ones I currently face as a music producer — particularly that of the inefficiencies of music royalty distribution and the lack of transparency therein.

I reached out to Emanate to have a chat about the platform they are building, and their plans on how they intend to improve the pitfalls of an…

By Sean Fitzjohn on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Whether you’re neck-deep into the Blockchain space, or a mere observer from the outside looking in, the hype surrounding its potential has definitely been apparent. For better or for worse, hype cycles are natural for all forms of nascent technologies, and we have seen this ebb-and-flow manifest itself in everything from Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press, to the birth of the internet and its subsequent dot-com bubbles.

While 2018 has seen the hype for Blockchain and cryptocurrencies wane, bear markets provide a good opportunity for industry, investors and innovators to properly reflect on the true potential of the technology…

Where Is Blockchain Headed?

Despite its infancy, ‘Blockchain’ as a concept continues to evolve at a rapid rate, with new iterations of the technology coming out faster than many can keep up with.

In terms of Blockchain’s successes, value transfer has been proven, and Distributed Ledger Technology continues to gain momentum as a viable solution to many of the problems inherent within centralized models.

Thank you…

We can’t thank each and every one of you enough for making Blocfest a resounding success. To all the dedicated speakers, panelists, sponsors, media partners, MCs, venue staff, and attendees — we salute you!

This article serves as a little round-up of the festivities, but first, here is a message from the CEO of Blockchain Asia, and mastermind behind Blocfest: Hway Gwei.

Blocfest Academy was a special event, curated by Blockchain Asia as a little ‘exclusive session’ for our Blocfest VIP ticket holders.

Attendees arrived for an early start and were greeted by a warm and welcoming crew comprising of both the Blockchain Asia and NEM Blockchain Centre staff. After a short reception and breakfast, attendees were guided into the function hall to learn from our handpicked selection of expert blockchain presenters.

It was a half-day event featuring presentations from a selection of our Blocfest lineup. The speakers included:

The Future of Crypto Finance
By DJ Qian (Founder, Fusion)

DJ Qian illustrated…

Alexander Busarov is best known as the CEO and co-founder of WaBi and Walimai. WaBi is a “consumer incentivization token, rewarding consumers for purchases, scans, and other user-related actions”, and Walimai is a company dedicated to solving the problem of counterfeit goods in China.

(Left) Alexander Busarov, and (Right) Yaroslav Belinskiy, Founders of WaBi

Alexander was kind enough to spare some time to have a chat about WaBi and blockchain in general and shared with us some insights into blockchain’s capability to disrupt the supply chain industry.

Alexander Busarov will be joining us at Blocfest, presenting the topic: “Farm To Table 2.0? …

Lon Wong is best known as the founder of ProximaX, a protocol built on NEM blockchain technology to cover industries outside the regulated financial industry. ProximaX combines blockchain, storage, streaming and an advanced consensus algorithm to enable a rich, all-in-one platform for broader cross-industry application and decentralized app development. You can learn more about the project here.

Lon Wong was kind enough to spare some time to share his captivating story, plus his thoughts on the future of decentralized networks and what needs to be done in the local blockchain space to catalyse adoption.

Lon Wong will be joining us…

Before we begin delving into fraud and corruption, the main topic of this article — let’s recap what Blockchain is.

  1. Blockchain is a distributed information system, or digital ledger, that is designed with transparency, openness and security at its core.
  2. It achieves this by way of decentralization — by dispersing data across multiple nodes, or computers on a network. This is contrasted to centralized systems, whereby data is recorded and stored on a singular location.
  3. Transactions and data are recorded into a tamper-proof, distributed database using cryptography, or digital encryption, to augment security. …

Malta is fast becoming a hotbed of blockchain advancement.

All eyes are on Malta as they continue to make headlines across publications for its ‘open door’ policy across blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

A whole host of major players in the space have made the decision to expand into Malta, but why? We explore 3 reasons why Malta is becoming a hotbed for driving blockchain adoption.

1) A Shift In National Strategy

In 2017, Joseph Muscat, prime minister of Malta, released the first draft of a national strategy to promote Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. …

Jonathan Ha is best known as the founder of Red Pulse, a tokenized research ecosystem for China’s economy and capital markets. The company incorporates its own cryptocurrency to facilitate an open and transparent sharing economy for research, and is developing a machine learning-based matching engine to connect industry experts with institutions seeking market insights to make better business decisions.

Jon was kind enough to spare some time to have a chat about Red Pulse, and shared with us some insights into tokenising your business, and blockchain’s potential to disrupt share economies.

Jon will be joining us at Blocfest, presenting the…

Sean Fitzjohn

London-based content dude, and avid music junkie. I love ranking websites. Co-founder of producerhive.com. Hire me @ seanfitzjohn.com

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