An Open Letter to Sen. Bernie Sanders
David Brock

How is it an attack for Bernie Sanders to differentiate himself with Secretary Clinton on the issue of campaign finance reform and money in politics? Both of these candidates have openly voiced their opinions against the toxic influence of money in politics, but only Secretary Clinton holds this position while simultaneously taking millions of dollars from the very institutions she wishes to regulate. Let me make sure I have this straight: Clinton’s reputation is in trouble because Bernie Sanders is playing political softball by bringing up her record and contrasting himself with her. It’s weird because I thought Hillary has been in the game for 25 years, nothing anyone says can phase her - a commonly cited defense for her candidacy. Doesn’t this very statement from the Clinton camp kind-of disprove the whole “she’s more electable” narrative if she’s being put in this position by a Jewish democratic socialist with no super PAC? What exactly do you think is gonna happen in the general if she’s the nominee and has all the weight and money of the Republican party coming at her? Here’s a hint: it isn’t Bernie Sanders’ fault that you guys are running a candidate with more baggage than a Boeing 7–47.

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