They Ask Him Why Do You Still Love Her? “His Answer Touched The World”

Many of us will spend untold hours wishing and dreaming of the most gorgeous person we could ever imagine. We hope to find this person and woo them and marry them, and live happily ever after.

What would you do though if this were true for you? You found the perfect love of your life inside and out? You’d be thrilled! You’d walk around with your head held high knowing you that got one over on life. You’d feel a little arrogant that you got what you wanted out of life and all these other people didn’t.

But what if something terrible happened? What if this exquisite creature you convinced to marry you was injured? But not just injured. What if they were horrifically burned and 65% percent of their body was scarred? Would you still be able to love that person? Would you still find them beautiful?

Turia Pitt was competing in an Ultramarathon in Australia when she was caught in a brushfire. Her long time boyfriend, Michael Hoskins, never left her side for a moment while she recovered. He truly loved her for who she is on the inside, and not just for her physical beauty.

Michael was recently asked on television if he ever considered leaving Turia through the whole thing. His response was simply stunning,

“I married her soul, her character, and she’s the only woman that will continue to fulfill my dreams.”

Wow, what a beautiful thing to say. It’s clear that these two know what true love is.

Originally published at on August 18, 2015.