Introducing — Club Recess for iOS

A simple way to meet new professionals without going to events

“Silicon Valley” — HBO

Ever go to a meetup or networking event and immediately felt anxious having to prove yourself in a crowd full of strangers? Do you feel stressed whenever you have to send a cold email out to someone who you want to connect with?

If you do, then we have a lot in common.

That’s why we created Club Recess: the app for people who want to make new professional friendships, but are allergic to networking events.

Club Recess was based off of a few simple ideas:

1. “Networking” is not working

We all know it’s important to network. But the majority of “networking”, as we know it, ends after “Hi, I’d like to add you to my professional LinkedIn network.”

And while others are out making awkward small talk, or collecting business cards (and not doing anything with them), we wanted to focus on what really matters — genuinely connecting with, and learning from, like-minded people.

With Club Recess, it’s simple: tag who you want to meet.

2. Networking events aren’t for everyone

After attending over 150 meetups this year, I know how much of a drag it can be to stand awkwardly beside groups of people waiting to introduce yourself. Especially as an introvert, it’s definitely not as easy as just putting yourself out there.

But at the same time, I also believe that meeting new people is crucial to collaboration, career development, and learning.

Club Recess makes it incredibly easy — and fulfilling — to connect with other people for one-on-one meetings over their work breaks.

3. Networking events are time consuming

The core framework of “networking” for the first and last hour of an event doesn’t give a lot of time to develop any real relationships. It’s hard enough to make the time to attend events, but it’s even worse when the conversations don’t provide any real value.

Events are long, so invest your time into a new friendship that matters. We’re bringing recess back to the workplace.

With Club Recess, it’s simple: tag who you want to meet.

Is Club Recess for you?

Club Recess is definitely not for everyone. It’s not a concierge service. It’s a simple way to make new professional friendships without going to networking events.

We’re helping young professionals make their work breaks more productive and supporting their true potential. Join the club.

Download the Beta

Networking is difficult. Make it simple. Download our beta…bugs included. For free. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Special thanks to Ryan Seo and Edward Choi for helping me making this possible. 🙌