Evaluation of Credibility — Post 3

Betsy DeVos is confirmed as our secretary of education and people are not happy. In the article “Why Are People Protesting Betsy DeVos? Donald Trump’s Secretary Of Education Is Controversial For Many Reasons” published February 7 by Natasha Guzman on the Website Bustle , Guzman talks about why DeVos is not supported by most of society. Guzman begins her argument with the most popular statement against Betsy DeVos, which is the fact that neither she nor her children have ever attended a public school. She shows how her lack of knowledge within education is dramatic and how even teachers around the United States are not supporting her. Guzman proves how disconnected Betsy DeVos is to public schools and how she can not run our education board without that knowledge. She supports her claims with bringing up Betsy DeVos controversial claims about religion in schools. I believe this website is credible due to its fact check and citations with hyperlinks within the article.

Reputable Sources

“Why Are People Protesting Betsy DeVos? Donald Trump’s Secretary Of Education Is Controversial For Many Reasons” written by Natasha Guzman is credible source due to the author’s accurate information, her extensive sources and her overall credibility as a writer. After fact checking Guzman’s information, from saying “DeVos never attended a public school or college, and has a record of donating to groups working to divert funds and students from public schools to new, private institutions” to claiming “Teachers across the country have rallied against DeVos’ confirmation. Lily Eskelsen Garcia, President of the National Education Association, gave a sharp criticism of DeVos in a speech in January”, I found it safe to say that all of her information is accurate and credible. Diving deeper into her research, her sources, such as the atlantic, Washington Post and New York Times, are all reputable sources. To make matters even better, Natasha hyperlinked all of her sources within her claims itself so it was easy enough to see where she got the information from.

After doing some extensive research on Natasha Guzman, I found out that she works for the website Bustle. I find Guzman to be an experienced writer as she has easily over 100 articles published. When I first read this article I was impressed by the fact of how many of her facts were backed up by hyperlinks with the source. For instance, when Guzman said “DeVos’ past statements regarding the role of religion in schools are also controversial”. She hyperlinked the “role of religion in schools” to show how it is a controversial topic. She did this many times throughout the article which I thought was very professional and convenient. I found Guzman’s argument to be very influential because it has you questioning things. When Natasha stated “DeVos’ lack of knowledge of the education system has also been the source of scrutiny and protests. During her hearing, DeVos seemed not to know what I.D.E.A. — Individuals with Education Act — was or how it worked”, it made me question how Betsy Devos could run for such a position without knowing how something with education standards works. I find this source to be credible with its extensive sources and accurate information.The evidence is credible because Guzman herself gets her facts from sources that are reputable and trusted. After researching Natasha Guzman I trust in her work.

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