Is Betsy DeVos a good pick for education secretary? — Post 1

Is Betsy DeVos a good pick for education secretary? Out of all of the cabinet members that President Trump picked, Betsy DeVos seems to be the most hated. When I first read about this article I questioned myself who she was. Betsy DeVos is a billionaire businesswoman. Betsy Devos is an active member of the Republican party since her young adult days, however, she has never officially held an elected office. DeVos is not very qualified and her resume seems to hurt her more than help her.

DeVos is currently going to lead the United States Department of Education without having any experience working in education, nor attending a public school. In the New York Times article “Betsy DeVos Teaches the Value of Ignorance” by The Editorial Board, they said “She has never run, taught in, attended or sent a child to an American public school, and her confirmation hearings laid bare her ignorance of education policy and scorn for public education itself.” Her knowledge of public school is very minimal which sparks the question. How can someone with no experience in working with education, and public education, run our countries educational department? We are going to have to trust someone to run our board of education, who has zero experience with education and what it looks like does not fully support public education. We have to trust her to help kids in need of funding when she herself has never seen struggle as her family have always been wealthy. In another article “ Betsy DeVos Rocky Path as Trump’s Pick for Education Secretary” by Emmarie Huetteman. Emmarie showed how Betsy DeVos went up against various amount of uncomfortable questions which she had a very hard time answering. Senator Elizabeth Warren questioned Betsy on how she could manage the largest distributor for public loans, when neither herself or her kids have ever borrowed money. She then asked “So you have no personal experience with college financial aid?”,Which Ms. DeVos had a hard time answering.

I became interested in this topic when I was scrolling down social media and came across a video of Senator Bernie Sanders questioning DeVos and completely humiliating her. With all of the chaos with trump becoming president, I wanted to dive deeper into the topic and figure out how someone so unqualified can secure such a position. I want to learn more about this topic because I am currently attending a public state university and need to know more about how the decisions that DeVos can make will affect potentially my future.Students attending public schools are the most affected by this choice. Mainly public school students are the audience that Betsy DeVos will either be helping or hurting.

Betsy DeVo’s main experience with reform has come from her work in michigan. She is a former republican chairwoman in Michigan. Many groups are saying that she will create new programs that will help give the choice to parents on how they would like their children to endure school. Michigan currently is the nation’s leader for the amount of schools that are operational for profit, while most states do not allow for-profit schools. Schools usually are held to an academic standard. Thus meaning, if the schools test scores are at standard then then the school would be closed down and not allowed to operate. However, in michigan even if the school has terrible scores with no sign of improvement, they are still allowed to operate for as little or as long as it wants. Michigan’s system doesn’t sound very good and this is where DeVos has been operating. This sparks the question on how she will try to spread her influence throughout the country?

Betsy is an advocator for people having the choice between public and private schools. DeVos, herself, never attended a public school and only attended private religious schools. This makes me feel worried in the sense that her opinion will be biased towards private schools and ultimately give them more funding. DeVos is a prestigious Republican donor, but she also donated to the private schools that she attended millions of dollars. Neither her or her kids have ever attended public schools and have never experienced the process of taking a loan for school, and the fact that we have to trust her to help kids throughout our country is scary. Another look on the topic is that since she is so wealthy she can easily support and fund her own programs in which could potentially help students throughout the country. There are also positives that Betsy DeVos.