Become a badass Product manager for $30

One of the hottest roles in the Silicon Valley is to become a product manager. However, it is incredibly difficult. Most people don’t know the first step to transitioning in to the product management role. Here are three classes that you can find on Udemy that will make you a super product manager. Each class costs only $10 if you buy them on sale.

  1. Become a product manager | Learn the skills get a job: This all you encompassing course teaches you all of the basics and terminology that you will need as a product manager. It even has interview tips and suggestions on what to write on your resume. For only $10 it’s a steal and a definite must for all product managers.
  2. 1 day MVP 2.0 | Go from idea to MVP : This course goes over the MVP process in detail. You can actually get this course for free if you purchase the first course in this list. You can create your own MVPs for less than $100 and become an expert yourself!
  3. Mobile App Design in Sketch 3: This course will teach you how to use sketch and how to create basic prototypes. You will learn the fundamentals in design which will help you crank out MVPs. Learning how to work with designers is an important part of becoming a product manager.

These three classes are well worth the time and money investment. Taking these classes won’t guarantee a position as a product manager, but it will make you one step closer.

Looking forward to the future, the possibilities are endless.