Leadership Lessons

It is incredibly difficult to lead others. Whether you are a manager of a large company or a team lead in a small squad, you need to be able to effectively lead your members to achieve a common goal. Leadership is difficult because people don’t have that many opportunities to lead. Think about it, in every group, there is only one leader. That means on average, only 1/10 people are the leader, while the other 9 are following.

However, once you obtain the leadership position, you can’t power trip. Some people like to rule with an authoritarian style and expect their followers to listen to every word that they say. This isn’t right and you’ll only get insubordination for your efforts. Instead of telling them what you do, you need to guide them to find the conclusions themselves.

One of the most challenging things is leading a group of volunteers. In any other organization, there are repercussions to insubordination. Soldiers can be courtmartialed and employees can be fired. But poor volunteers? They can only go away, and then you lose a valuable volunteer. To be able to lead a group of volunteers is a true testament to your leadership ability.

Looking forward to the future, the possibilities are endless.

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