MVPs are the GOAT

Most valuable player of your team is the person that brings everyone together. They make the big plays and are the center of your team. The other MVP, minimum viable product, wants to do the same. It’s how you can tell if your idea is even worth pursuing in the first place.

Let’s be real, everyone has ideas, but a majority of those ideas are garbage. How many times have you rolled your eyes when a friend told you their product idea?

MVPs let you quickly and efficiently test your idea without wasting precious resources (i.e. time and money).

Here are the common MVPs and tips to implementing them

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  1. Know your target audience. Too many people think that they have to have a fully working prototype before reaching their audience. But this is false! You want to focus on VALIDATING your idea (a.k.a. making sure your idea is worth pursuing). You do so by targeting innovators. It’s like entrepreneur Evan Kimbal says: “The perfect guy doesn’t care if you’re wearing too little makeup”. You’re searching for people who want your idea, you’re targeting the 2.5% of consumers, the innovators.
  2. Don’t create that prototype! Surveying an existing customer base is a good strategy but an even better one is to create an email or website displaying a product that may not even exist yet! You can claim that the product exists and put a button on your website to ‘buy now’. This lets you know if there is any interest BEFORE you start creating the product.
  3. Reduce, reduce, reduce, like a fine pasta sauce, you want your initial product to be niched! Focus on one critical feature and market the hell out of it. It’s better to be super focused than to try and catch a wide net and not get anything. If you try to catch two rabbits at the same time, you’ll lose both.

MVPs help you validate your idea, and that’s why they’re the GOAT (greatest of all time).

Looking forward to the future. The possibilities are endless.