Spare time

Your spare time is the most precious asset that you have. You can spend it, waste it, or give it away, but you can never give it back. What you do in your free time will define who you are in the future. Someone once told me that ‘you are your habits’. If I spend all of my free time watching tv and playing video games, how can I hope to accomplish something great in the future?

There’s nothing wrong with spending a little time to relax, but it has to be accounted for. One of my friends created a wonderful product called ZenFocus to help keep you focused. It uses the Pomodoro technique to keep you in check. Each focus session is split up into 2 parts, a 20 minute portion where you focus on the task at hand, and a 5 minute break in between to procrastinate and goof off. Doing this will give you the perfect ratio of working hard and messing around. You can check it out here:

Think about your habits, are you spending your time well? If not, it’s not too late to start!

Looking forward to the future, the possibilities are endless.

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