Sprint to your goal. One of the best ways to create a product is through a sprint. Sprints let you organize tasks in a certain way so that they get executed in an efficient manner.

Sprints are separated into separate phases. Here are the steps for a great sprint.

  1. Prepare — Look at a big problem, gather a team, and pick a facilitator.
  2. Understand — Clearly define the sprint challenge. What will you work on? Summarize the current way things are done to solve the problem you are facing.
  3. Diverge — Separate into separate groups and independently come up with as many ideas as possible. Work on your own and present your ideas anonymously, you don’t want people’s opinions of others effect their decision.
  4. Decide — Get back together and vote on the best ideas. The PM and CEO gets a super vote compared to the others in the group.
  5. Prototype — Build a testable prototype that’s capable of being presented to others.
  6. Validate — Show your prototype to other humans and get their feedback. Take notes for good stuff and areas for improvement.

With these steps, you will have a successful sprint. Your product will be delivered quicker and you will have more chances to iterate.

Looking forward to the future, the possibilities are endless.