The power of never giving up

Inspired by the Bruins (go UCLA!). Never give up. As seen by the Bruin’s game against Texas, you should never give up.

Grant Cardone is famous for saying that you don’t lose until you quit. If your in a bad position, but you haven’t quit yet, you still have the opportunity to recover. However, once you quit, you solidify your losses.

Even if you lose, you never really lose, because you leave with experience. You are now a stronger person for it and have skills to overcome a similar challenge in the future.

Most people are scared of the thought of the worst case scenario, but when it actually happens, they are able to handle themselves quite well. Fear of failure holds us back more than the failure itself. Even if you fail, your overall success is determined by how quickly you pick yourself back up. Keep going strong and never give up.

Looking forward to the future, the possibilities are endless.