Trust but verify

There are many life lessons. One of the most important is ‘trust but verify’. In this world we have to work with many different types of people. Everyone has a different way of working, but if you have a deadline, you need to have proof that the third party actually completed their end of the task.

Today I was faced with a horrible situation. We were at the last day to sign closing and I thought everything was going smoothly. Unfortunately, someone messed up and realized they were missing paperwork. I signed my portion and expected everything to go smoothly. It didn’t. This resulted in us scrambling for a last minute insurance provider. I agreed to purchase their non-refundable policy with the hope that they would be able to finish their underwriting and let us sign the final paperwork.

It didn’t happen. Now I’m stuck with a very expensive insurance policy that doesn’t cover anything. I wasn’t able to sign my documents and I didn’t close on my property. All of this was because of two things. 1 — I put too much trust in someone I didn’t know. 2 — I decided to sign documents on Friday, the day when everyone is getting ready to leave for vacation.

Lessons learned, trust but verify. Even if they say they have it taken care of, ask to see the paperwork so you have proof that they did their job. Make sure that docs are in 2 days in advance and make sure you are ready to sign for everything. Never wait for the last minute to do something important, and don’t let anyone deliver something at the last minute. If it’s not early, it’s late.

Looking forward to the future, the possibilities are endless.

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