What is this “USED” for?

One of the most confusing terminologies in product management is the ‘use’ case. Is there supposed to be a use case for all personas? Buyers, sellers, users? Is a use case what the company has to do so that the users can perform their roles? Maybe it’s the intent that the product should be used for. i.e. Using a hammer to nail nails (Don’t be like Fry).

Here’s what I found from a product management post:

“Use cases define events (specific instances of usage) and describe who (persona) does what (interaction) with the product and for what purpose (goal). The purpose of use cases is to describe how different personas put a solution to use and for which events. Use cases are useful to construe functional requirements and perform system structuring. Therefore, use cases influence the design of a feature or product but they are not design or technical specifications of that feature”

Use cases are just events where a persona does an action to get to their goal. i.e. student uses Udemy to learn new skills and teachers use Udemy to make money by sharing their knowledge with the world and providing high quality videos.

The terminology may be confusing, but at the end of the day, a use case should be written for every persona. They should explain the intent behind the product, why does it even exist and how should the user use it.

Looking forward to the future, the possibilities are endless.