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I find it hugely ironic that you trash the idea of “side hustle” but in the same sentence refer to “startup culture”.

“Startup Culture” is all about failing your way to success often on other people’s money. It constantly congratulates itself for innovation while talking about the next “Uber for…” or “Airbnb for…” and mixing in meaningless acronyms and jargon. It values things like funding events instead of building profitable businesses that add value to customers.

It is entirely self-involved, telling people to “think globally” from the conclave of San Francisco where they routine displace people who actually added culture to the place.

Meanwhile, the idea of someone working hard to make a bit of extra money or to try and get ahead, for whatever reason is mocked. Hard work is to be avoided at all costs in a culture where your employer pays for your lunches and does your dry cleaning for you.

Unfortunately, the nature of actual “side hustling” is entirely misunderstood. You see it as driving for Uber because like everyone who talks about business, you contextualize everything through the lens of “like Uber”.

The reality is, more people successfully start their own businesses while working full-time or raising their kids and working from home than ever gets created by “Startup Culture”. These people aren’t creating “Etsy for…” or stupid businesses like that, they’re finding and servicing real needs that clients have by taking risk with their own time and their own capital.

And the research from actual smart people like Adam Grant suggest that these people are more likely to be successful in starting their business because they aren’t prone to stupid mistakes.

It’s comical that you mentioned sites like Side Hustle Nation, but clearly didn’t even visit the site to understand the context or topic.

But you just run with the narrative that these people are existing in the gig economy delivering packages for Amazon at night.

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