5 Innovative 2018 products by Magnet Mount that people fell in love with

Sean Kelly
3 min readDec 30, 2018


We have all seen the line ups outside the Apple stores as soon as a new iPone product is released, right?

It’s crazy, but people who love Apple products really love Apple.

TheMagnetMount.com has had the same effect on its customers this year.

Magnet Mount is spearheaded by entrepreneurs Cooper Weiss and Gavin Dantez.

These two innovative entrepreneurs started their business by selling a sleek and simple magnetic car mount that went viral on social media with over 8 million views of their product videos.

They sold out over and over unable to keep up with the growing demand for their products.

The original Magnet Mount did so well because it hit a niche in the market that was lacking. Namely, having a fashionable cell phone accessory that wasn’t cumbersome or bulky to hold your phone in a convenient place in your car.

Everyone hated the outdated window mounts; they were clunky, ugly, often blocked your view and always had a special way of annoying the heck out of you.

Magnet Mount changed that forever…

Life simplified.

Small, easy, effective and beautifully designed; their product checked all the boxes for a winning product and sold like gangbusters.

But once wireless charging phones hit the market, Magnet Mount went into research and development mode and developed an upgrade.

That’s how the wireless charging Magnet Mount product was born.

Not only has Magnet Mount solved the window mount problem, but it has now resolved the issue of tangled cords.

How great is that?

Hop in your car, quickly put your phone on the wireless charging Magnet Mount, which takes less than .5 seconds, and BOOM! Life is better when you never have to worry about charging your phone.

With hundreds of 5 star reviews, this product could be the best piece of life simplifying tech created this year.

Once the iPhone XS max came out… Magnet Mount upgraded its product again to accommodate the larger screen size of the phone.

That’s when The Cobra Pro Wireless Charger was launched and marketed to help meet all of their consumers’needs

The coolest part about The Cobra Pro product is that is uses NO magnets to attach your phone to the mount.

Simply place the phone in the charger; the holder senses the weight of your phone and its dynamic arms automatically close to hold you phone perfectly in place.

And behold, another winning product!

But Weiss and Dantez didn’t stop at car mounts…

As they gained feedback from their loyal customers, one suggestion that kept coming up was a request for wireless chargers for the home and office.

Hence, two innovative and futuristic products were developed to satisfy their customers requests, the Rouge and the Trinity .

The Rouge Wireless Charger is unique because of the transparent glass top that allows you to see right into the tech itself.

It’s been a top seller since its release and has become a “must have” addition to the Magnet Mount customers list of products to own.

The Trinity is a very sleek stand up wireless charger that is perfect for a book shelf, side table, kitchen counter or next to your laptop while working.

The Trinity has a luxurious style to it; classy, elegant and damn easy to use.

It’s been a successful and productive first year for Magnet Mount!

Stay tuned to see what else these innovative entrepreneurs have in store for 2019.

Weiss and Dantez have added other unique product lines like the Smart Brained Charger and the Fluffy Charm. Be sure to visit their website to stay on top of their latest product trends.


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