How A College Dropout Became A 6 Figure Business Owner In Just 8 Months.

Sean Kelly
Nov 28, 2018 · 4 min read

Joe Staiber a.k.a @Staiberr is changing the industry with perfect balance in his precision E-Commerce tactics. To be frank, there isn’t much stopping him from darn right topping himself 5x next year!

You might be wondering, how Joe Staiber was able to dropout of college only 1 year removed from his scholarly journey, to reach this level of success margin? After working with and interviewing Joe personally, I’m here to help you understand, analyze, and grasp the components to begin your own business on its way to success in just a single month. There’s no shortcut to this except working tirelessly to learn the strategy of marketing; Anyone can design a basic website and run ads, but Staiber has revolutionized the E-commerce world with his unbelievable strategies to professionally design a website but more importantly his powerful marketing strategy to grow your business and sales in as little as a week. To be honest, it blew my mind.

Witnessing his journey firsthand, I was able to deduce many fundamental similarities between our success tactics. One which I would highlight entails the creation of content for other entrepreneurs to enjoy. Amassing over 10,000 followers this year, Joe Staiber has been the highlight of his own success. Starring in a one man cameo, he has catapulted his way through social media’s doldrums to amass a respectable engagement on all his posts, stores, students, and most importantly the dozens of review based testimonials of his students success.

Staiber began his entrepreneurial journey in his first, and last, semester of college. Joe quickly realized that the college scene wasn’t for him. “The education system is such a scam nowadays, it used to be necessary to have a degree, but unless you plan on being a lawyer or a doctor or scientist; I just don’t see the point, Self-Education is the real key to success, they don’t teach you what I do in college, they teach you how to enter the workforce to be a slave to the economy” He followed his statement by saying “Everyone’s so focused on fitting in, partying, spending time on useless frills. We live in a world where funny people on Instagram with no education make millions for posting online; comparatively, I sell products from my computer, making more than most professions pay even with a degree. Bottomline: College degrees are no longer necessary in this profession, every day I work I’m 1 step ahead of my peers in college.” — @staiberr, Joey Staiber via Instagram

I talked to Joe, I really wanted to understand what made him make the change, and if it’s possible for anyone. Simply put, he mentioned his fear for the future, working 40+ years, for 50 weeks a year, looking forward to a mere 2 weeks of vacation. There’s truly no exact formula to this, it varies per person. In your DNA, you have a calling; a passion, inspiring you to put forth a self-sufficient energy toward a self-sufficient output. Staiber mentions that anyone is able to do this if they have the passion and determination to be successful, and that’s not something you can learn.

“Anyone with a drive to make a change in the world and be successful can do it, if you can’t change your mindset you can’t make it as an entrepreneur, it takes hard work and determination and most people give up before they make it.” — @staiberr

To put it shortly, Joe Staiber was one of the most genuine people i’ve interviewed, his dedication to his work, his students, and more importantly to those around him are just a few of the reasons he has seen such success in such a short time, who knows where Joe will be in 5 years, But i think we can all agree, he will be great at whatever comes his way, changing the world for future generations in the process.

If You’re Interested In Following Joe, His Instagram handle is @staiberr And If You’re Interested in Being Mentored By Joe, his program can be found at

~ Sean Kelly, Jersey Champs CEO, Entrepreneur Writer

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly is the Founder of Jersey Champs.

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