Layne Schmerin’s Tips Towards Building a Marketing Empire

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Marketing has always been the backbone of business. From branding to growing audiences it is a never ending cycle if you want to get to the top. I had the opportunity to sit with Layne Schmerin, the Co-founder of Top Tree Agency (@toptree); he gave me a few insights for people looking to improve their marketing skills.

  1. It’s a Learning Process

“Some people think that if they know how to do something one way, that’s all they need. For marketing, that is not the case” Schmerin stated. Media platforms change rapidly. Yesterday, it was radio and Newspapers, today it is Instagram and Facebook. Nobody knows what it will be tomorrow. It is up to marketers to look into everything. You want to try to catch the next big thing early in order to achieve the highest return on investment. If you stick only with what you know, the market will soon become saturated, and it becomes harder to reach out to the audience.

2. Personalization is Key

“Just like two people are never the same, two companies are also not the same. Even if you have the best marketing guide, you won’t be making the most of it if you didn’t change it to your advantage” he explained. In order to really grab your audience’s attention, you have to personalize it. Look for things that the niche would enjoy, and use that to your advantage. You not only want the audience to be large, but also targeted.

3. Take Chances

“Someone will always be the first to do something, or revolutionize the marketing world, so why not let it be you?” Schmerin questioned. Top Tree Agency became known for being one of, if not the first, to advertise cannabis through social media platforms. They hit a completely untapped market, and there were quickly many that followed in their footsteps to do the same. This leap led to a great business model that has kept Top Tree Agency a front runner in the Marketing world.

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Sean Kelly is the Founder of Jersey Champs.

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