Self-realization guru Sunshine Shen is the most eligible bachelorette of Beverly Hills with beauty and brains.

Recognized by world renowned men’s entertainment publications such as Playboy and FHM for her youth and beauty, Sunshine is shaking up the spirituality space by inspiring millennials to live their most authentic lives. This Beverly Hills native blew us away during our recent interview with her grace and intellect. Combined with her wide range of spiritual knowledge and strong ambitious dreams of making the world a better place, there is truly no one more suited for the title of Beverly Hills’ most eligible bachelorette than Sunshine!

The City of Angels certainly lives up to the name; with its pleasant weather and gorgeous beaches it has became the home of the most beguiling women we have ever seen! From gorgeous actresses to stunning models the list just goes on and on. However, one very special Playboy Centerfold has definitely stood out to us. During a recent iHeart Radio segment with Playboy Playmate Sunshine Shen, she discussed her perspective on dating in LA and we were quite impressed by the brains operating behind such exotic charm. Therefore, it is only natural that we felt the need of acknowledging such a rare commodity; especially after the shocking discovery that Sunshine is still (for the time being) single!

After some digging, we found out that the Chinese-Kazakh beauty is not only Miss May 2018 International Playboy Playmate and FHM cover girl but she was considered as one of Hugh Hefner’s inner circle during the last years of his life. With multiple Playboy spreads published throughout Europe and Asia in 2015 and 2016 it is no surprise Hefner hand picked Sunshine to become one of his Painted Ladies; representing him during the often star-studded Playboy parties. Last year, during the interview inside her November FHM (South Africa) cover issue she describes herself as a “New-Age thinker”. Then went into depth regarding her beliefs of spiritual realities and expressed heavy interest in metaphysical knowledge and how she plans to put her wisdom to use by helping to rise the universal vibrations (a.k.a changing the world). No wonder FHM magazine dubbed her appropriately as “the Vegan Spiritualist with a Heart of Gold”.

Despite being glamorous and sexy in the spotlight, Sunshine embraces her modern hippie side during what little time she has to herself. Some of her hobbies includes: 5 star Vegan brunches, private Iyengar yoga classes and frequent spa visits. Making her a true embodiment of the sensual yet reserved female Taurus. Aside from all the trophies earned by her physical beauty; armed with an impressive social media platform of over 400,000 followers on Instagram and her mind set on building a platform to raise the collective spiritual awareness of the millennials — she’s truly a force to be reckoned with! Surely, such desirable attributes has us convinced this young successful Beverly Hills resident is indeed the most eligible bachelorette.

Sean Kelly is the Founder of Jersey Champs.

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