The Rise of Top Tree Agency

Sean Kelly
Jan 23, 2019 · 3 min read

As more and more entrepreneurs start their companies the competition increases. Branding and making a name for oneself is a necessity, not a luxury. Companies must find a way to get their name heard. That is where marketing comes into play. Marketing agencies are being developed rapidly, meaning those that want to survive and be successful must stand out. I had the opportunity to meet Jonathan Lepow and Layne Schmerin, brothers, and co-founders of Top Tree Agency. They let me in to discover their journey and experiences which have led them to create their marketing empire.

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Jonathan and Layne did not start off as a marketing agency. In fact, Jonathan began with dentistry, and Layne with a music background. However, when their brother Brandon Lepow, passed away from cancer they realized what an impact medical marijuana could have on the lives of those who need it. They began to use their newfound knowledge to attempt to desensitize the general public on the use of medical cannabis. “We saw the struggle first hand. We realized that we could help, so we did” they said. The men came up with a marketing strategy using their connections and began pushing cannabis through social media. They found a completely untapped market and flourished. The brothers quickly noticed that this model, that they developed out of necessity for their cannabis company, was also a great model for mainstream companies.

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Eventually Jonathan and Layne began focusing more on marketing. “We gained experience through learning from our own cannabis company. People reached out to us, and we realized we could do so much more” Jonathan explained. Today, the brothers have worked with many clients such as Atlantic Records and Hemper Co. For them, each day is a learning experience. Top Tree prides itself on providing a completely personalized, transparent experience “We want our clients to be involved in the process, so we are completely transparent with them. We want to be able to provide our marketing services for many years to come, and the best way to do that is to cover all of our bases and create a sturdy foundation that can continue to grow and evolve”. Top Tree’s personalized and caring approach has definitely helped make them a top contender in the marketing industry.

As Top Tree continues to grow, Jonathan and Layne have more on their plate than ever before. Despite the exponentially growing clientele, Jonathan states “We invest ourselves to be part of the company. We try to make a real connection, rather than have a sales rep that comes and goes. We are always in contact, as we scale we bring in people to help us, but ultimately we still give all our clients our attention”. This individualised approach makes the “Top Tree Family” one that anybody would be proud to join.

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