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When you turn on the news, read the newspaper, or listen to the radio, odds are that you will be plagued with the reality that horrible things do happen in the world. Although, it is good to keep up with current events, it is often nice to have a reprieve of the negative news. One escape for many people are social media pages like @toptree. @toptree prides itself on being able to make people laugh when they’re having a hard day.

@toptree is, one of many cannabis based instagram meme pages, run by Jonathan Lepow and Layne Schmerin, brothers and co-founders of Top Tree agency, a marketing company. Jonathan and Layne started off in the business world with the creation of their very own cannabis company. To promote, or market, for their company, the men began to push their cannabis through social media. This was something that had never been done; they had a hold of an untapped market. Layne and Jonathan quickly grew their page and expanded their reach. Noticing that the marketing campaign that they created, out of necessity for their brand, could work for mainstream companies as well, they shifted their focus towards building a marketing agency. Their agency now manages accounts with an organic reach of 10+ million cannabis focused followers, giving them the ability to deliver the impressions for any size campaign.

Jonathan and Layne are believers of karma. “When you put good energy into the world, I believe good things come back to you” Jonathan explained. For them, their instagram pages are not only a way to gain engagement, but also a way to bring a little bit of happiness to their audience. “We hope that when someone sees one of our posts it’ll make them smile. It’s just a little break from the constant stimuli experienced daily” Jonathan added on. Their belief of karma may be working for them as they are constantly growing and improving their company. @toptree is just one of many instagram pages being used as a marketing tool. Their desire to help brighten others days has created a valuable audience able to promote campaigns of any size.

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Sean Kelly is the Founder of Jersey Champs.

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