Trial to Triumph: Squidnice slithers up the charts

Born and raised in the trenches of Staten Island’s lower income housing, Squidnice defeated all odds as a warrior in the trap battlefield of young influencers. From Vogue to Worldstar, he is a bonafide soundcloud tank, amassing over 5 million views on his smash youtube Frank Ocean co-signed “Trap By My Lonely”. Breaking records and setting his bar so high, squidnice is one of a kind. Original to the point where as he slurs his phrases in imperfect triplet-trap symmetry I find myself bumping his single, “Som’times i trap by my lonely, Som’times i trap wit my homies,” verified on instagram, following a mere 22 people. His gang vocal ad-libs are one of a kind, and separate the imperfections in his voice from other rappers by HARDLY EVER USING AUTO-TUNE. This effect gives Squid a stand out sound, because his vocals are usually mixed dry, or over-compressed.

The signature trap sound established out of Staten Island is making big waves on the East Coast, landing Squid in brawls nearly every other day, becoming an instagram gossip-topic for discussion…his controversial actions, although, do not detract from his undeniable presence in the modern hip-hop game. I think by 2020, Chris Clemenza is on pace to surpass modern acts and takeover the game with his authentic hip-hop delivery.