Trump was not under investigation.
Timothy Gutwald

So now the goalposts shift from collusion to obstruction of justice, how convenient. That’s not gonna work either:

  1. The FBI falls under the Executive Branch and Trump actually needs no cause to fire the head of the FBI.
  2. What he stated was what he was thinking about, not that he fired Comey because of Russia. Comey’s own feelings on why he was fired don’t matter much.
  3. His words were, “hope” and Comey himself stated he did not feel that Trump was influencing him to stop investigating anyone.

Seriously, the longer people go down this path, the more you look like birthers or 9/11 conspiracy theorists. People can’t take this seriously because it’s accusations followed by a convoluted attempt mix and match facts and change legal definitions to make something stick, it’s absurd.

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