The journey to starting AiM

What is AiM I hear you ask?

Well Anatomy in Motion is a beautifully simple concept looking at the human body moving as a whole. It is reverse engineering of what’s happening in conventional anatomy. It is brilliantly simple in its approach but I know will take years of work to learn. AiM does not look at an injured knee in isolation, it looks at how that knee is integrating with the whole body and its relationship with movement. I’m probably not doing it justice with this description but it’s an insight nonetheless!

The journey to beginning AiM for me personally began with “The End”. This is the intro to Gary Ward’s book called “What the Foot”. It immediately sucked me in as the first paragraph struck many chords.

Luckily a dedicated AiM practitioner called Anthony Claffey was very clear when I asked him should I get the book. He told me “to buy the fuckin book” and “that I wouldn’t be sorry”. How right he was, even though at the time it was probably my last 40euro in my account! Thank you Anthony!

In reading the book, and re reading everything in it made sense even if I didn’t fully get it. The 5 big rules hit me hard and really challenged what I thought I knew about muscles, joints and feet. (I have to admit here that I knew fuck all about feet anyway!) What made sense the most out this book (get the fuckin book) was the principle that your feet are your foundation and if they could function at a higher level wouldn’t the whole body respond?? Coming from a construction background myself I imagined a house built on shite foundations and it slowly falling apart. It just made sense.

After this I randomly contacted an AiM practitioner called Karen Lacey and for some unknown reason decided to come and see a couple of clients we lined up. I can only say she is a genius, she gave great insights and challenged me to think for myself. We did this a couple times and each time I’d be unbelievably curious and drive her mad with questions. Thank god she has the patience of a saint!

I emailed Chris at AiM and booked in on their next immersion course Dublin. The wait to start was a test as I was so excited to get stuck in. In hindsight it was good as I read the book again and brushed up a bit on my anatomy before it started.

The course itself was amazing/challenging/head melting/liberating/perspective shifting.

I think I experienced every emotion during those 6 days. Only for Gary and Chris showing unending patience and empathy I would have sprinted out of the room on a few occasions.

My journey to beginning AiM began with an End. Who knows where AiM will take me but I’m 100% grateful to have this new beginning…

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