Creativity Notebook 5, Elizabeth Gilbert Creativity Course,

Creativity Permission Slip:

Who am I?

Sean MaryHelen Johnson is a woman with a vast diversity of life experience. A mother and grandmother, a caring and loving family member and friend, and an artist and creative. She spends her time joyfully creating images and writing about her explorations and discoveries. She shares openly with others her joy of creating and living fruitfully, playfully and wholesomely.

What kind of creator do I want to be?

Sean talents include drawing, painting, photography, and writing. Out of these, she creates stories that portray the magic and mysteries she experiences both in the outer world and her inward explorations.

Why pursue this work?

Sean’s vocation, or calling, is exploring, learning, understanding and creating from this adventure. She believes type of creating to be a vocation for everyone. Her vocation is unique only in her way of seeing and being in the world. This unique vision and avenue into creativity is what she has to give others, to give back to the world. In making art and sharing her process with others, she provides a channel through which others can more readily access their own unique talents and creativity. It is a way through fear into curiosity, wholeness and discovery.

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