Human Hypocrisy and the Tale of American Democracy

Are you a #nevertrump? Are you a #hillaryforprison? Or are you somewhere in between like the majority of reasonable Americans? I have a message for you, and its real simple; just calm down.

Its been seven whole days since the American public took to the polling stations and decided the course of American politics for at least the next four years. Seven days since a certain Donald Trump shocked the country to win the 2016 Presidential Election by way of the electoral college. Seven days, and believe it or not, the world hasn’t ended yet. The country hasn’t resorted to a second civil war to contest the Orange Man who will claim the Oval Office as his own come January 20th.

I know it may be a shock to some who foresee a Trump Presidency as the beginning of the end, or those who see it as the end of the beginning. But it is not, the 2016 election results may be surprising but they are not apocalyptic. And its really simple to understand why:

One man cannot make America great again, nor can one man break America. Only we, as Americans, can make America great.

This is not golf, folks. Democracy is a team sport. Sure, one man can serve as the face of the nation. But how many people have you met with a tattooed face and permanent scowl that turned out to be genuinely goodhearted? You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you can’t judge a country by its Trump.

So fear not, my fellow Americans. Donald Trump is not America, President Barrack Obama is not America, Charlie Sheen is not America. We Are America. And America will only be as great as those who call this incredible chunk of land home.

So, for now, go outside and make peace with your Trump-supporting neighbor, or your Hillary-supporting co-worker. Hold the door open for the person behind you, smile at that random stranger walking past you on the sidewalk, kiss your loved ones goodbye and try to be the best American you can be.

Just keep calm, and when your post-election anxiety starts to act up just go on the internet and enjoy some Obama-Biden memes.