TIY Day 00.1 — Orientation

This evening, my wife and I made the journey from our new home in Norcross into Atlanta. We drove down to the Doraville Transit Station and hopped on the southbound Gold Line. We got off at the Five Points Station and walked two blocks to the Iron Yard. All together, it took about one hour from leaving our apartment to arriving at TIY. Not bad.

The biggest impression I got from the Iron Yard at orientation was the time commitment. It was stressed by all three staff members in attendance — and one current student to stopped by to say “Hello” — that a twelve-week course at the Iron Yard is a lot of work. We were told to expect 60 to 80 hours of work a week during the program.

Since working on Sunday is out of the question, that leaves me just six days to complete (potentially) 80 hours of work. That seemed ridiculous, so I jotted down some quick math to confirm my hunch.

80 / 6 = 13 r 2 = 13 2/6 = 13 1/3 = 13:40*
*Good thing I spent the last 10 months teaching children how to do long division

Thirteen hours and forty minutes a day on work! The prospect of working over thirteen hours a day for six days a week was (and still is) daunting. However, the other students seem to manage the workload well enough, so I’m sure I’ll find a way to figure it out.

At this point, I’m particularly thankful for my wife’s support. She is one hundred percent behind me, which is going to make this whole ordeal doable. Thank you Annie! You help me more than you know.

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