TIY Day 01.0 — Git it up and running

At 8:30am in an office in downtown Atlanta, our web development journey began. Thirteen brave souls found themselves in a dark room, faces illuminated by the pale light of their glowing Macbooks, to learn how to become web developers.

After a short orientation meeting, we began the day by reviewing the homework from the previous weekend. The review stretched into a lesson when it became apparent that a majority of the class struggled with “Introduction to Git and Github.” We practiced initiating repositories, committing our work, and pushing the final result to remote repos on Github.

During the lesson, I found myself fiddling with shell scripts, eventually writing one to create a directory system during the lunch break.

The assignment for the day was to create a repo with two documents — README.md and LICENSE.md — and send the remote repo URL to the instructor.

After the assignment was submitted on Newline, I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the homework assignment. The reading was all about HTML and the definitions of semantics and syntax. I am familiar with the former, but the definitions were difficult to wrap my brain around.

To the best of my understanding, syntax is how the code is written while the derived meaning is semantics. The lesson stressed the use of syntactically and semantically accurate HTML code. Sounds like a plan!