How To Live A Purpose Filled Life

A few days ago I wrote on Facebook and such about living your legacy and what that means. I really felt inspiration flowing as I wrote that. I want to continue on the theme of legacy and focus now on creation of that legacy. How do we live a legacy.

In my post I gave a few examples of people who had tremendous legacies such as Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, George Washington and they all had in common one thing. To make a change. These individuals had big visions of change. From entire nations to the world. They lived everyday in seeking this fulfillment. They made changes in their lives to create that change in the world. This is the creation of a legacy.

Define Your Service

When it comes to your legacy it starts with you deciding what difference to you want to make in the world. What do you want to change. That can be as simple as raising your children in a way to help them reach their full potential. You can expand even further to helping other parents do the same.

Beyond your family, you can become a leader of a self-help group such as AA, helping and inspiring others to live a better life. You can join a committee.

Expanding to the nation or world, you can become and advocate for a cause by starting a blog or a Youtube channel. You might even have bigger aspirations for traveling the world, speaking or doing humanitarian service.

The possibilities are endless. Just remember that no matter how big or how small, whether you help a child or a full grown adult, if its at home or across the world, your legacy has an impact and ultimately changes the world for the better.

Become The Person Who Makes Change

Once you have your cause you must figure out, who you must become. Who is that person that will raise that child or lead that group? Are they patient? Are they kind? Are they bold? How does this persona talk? What skills does he/she have? Get as detailed as you can.

Once you have that person imagined, you now must change and align your life to be that person. Now, I am sure most of us imagine a near perfect if not perfect person. You also probably think of it as impossible to be that type of person. The key is not to be perfect, but to become more perfected.

This simply means that we accept that we must change constantly to become more aligned with that person we want to be. It is in fact our imperfection that positions us to help others. You are not any better than those you help, you just hold the vision of what they themselves or the world around them may become. It is that vision that creates the legacy.

People throughout history have sought the key to immortality. They want to live forever. What most of them didn’t know is that you live as long as someone remembers you. Most of those you serve will live long after you die. They will remember you. You will live forever because of the imprints you left on those individual’s hearts.

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