Moments of Inspiration

IN the past few days, during the time that I normally write a blog post, I have found myself, swept away in writing a random fantasy story. Or at least it seems like a fantasy story. When I sat down to write, no matter how hard I tried to think of something to write about, this story came to mind. I have only been able to write about 7–800 words, but it already has the potential of being a really great story. What I will be doing with these words, I am not sure yet. I already dedicating my time to starting up a YouTube channel. (more about that when the time comes) and so it would defiantly be a stretch of my time to put some real effort into that as well.

What it taught me though is how important it is to act on moments of inspiration. Inspiration, for the most part, comes when are active in doing something. It is an effect and cause of motivation and action. However, there are times when inspiration comes to us at the most random, and seemingly inconvenient times. Not all of these inspirations mean that you are going to publish the next Harry Potter or create a video that goes viral. Inspirations can be opportunities to learn a new skill or to learn something about yourself.

I love fantasy stories and I have been desperately wanting to find a really good one. My wife told me that I should just make one myself. My reply was that I didn’t have the skills to do so. Well, after last week I have confidence, that I could create and awesome fantasy story and perhaps I developed some more skills I could develop it into my favorite medium, animation.

The lesson that I pulled from this experience that I wish to give to you is this, when you feel a moment where you should try something different, even if it is just once, try it. You may find out that you had talent after all or you may find a new project to work on or perhaps, even just an area that you could develop some skills. Whatever it might be, following moments of inspiration can help you grow and a person.

It might come to you like me, a thought you cannot replace with a blog idea or just an idea you can’t seem to shake off. You’ll never know when it will come, but I guarantee that if you follow it when it does, you’ll find hidden gems in yourself.