The Outsourced Life

In the world of business, outsourcing is a great way to save time and money. It opens up the owner and his team to focus on the tasks they do well and capitalize on strengths. Many manufacturing companies outsource production to China because they can get the same components made for a lot less. A CEO outsources his scheduling and tedious tasks to a personal assistant. Outsourcing has increased productivity and helped many business increase revenue.

However, in recent years outsourcing has crept into our personal and family lives. Like business, we can save a lot of time and in turn save or make more money. The outsourced American life seems ideal. In fact, it is the outsourcing that allows us to chase the American dream. Even so, it doesn’t take a millionaire to see the effects of the outsourced American.

Even though many Americans hate outsourcing jobs to China, we still do it. Why? Because we are still willing to buy the cheap products that are made in China. Most of us know that China made products are not durable, break easily and are “cheap”. Yet, we still buy. The outsourced lifestyle is the same. It is “cheap” and will ultimately break down faster. What will break down? Our whole lives. From our families to communities and even our bodies. We buy cheap and therefore we get fragile bodies, fragile communities and worst of all fragile families.

The biggest problem is that most people don’t realize how much of a problem this is. They things are fine until it all explodes in their face. Outsourcing has consequences but most people do not want to accept them. They want their cheap faster way of doing things without any kind of trade off.

Outsourcing the Raising of Children

Our modern society has made it difficult for the traditional family life style. Husband goes to work and wife stays home to take care of the family. Not to mention how many more parents are single. The ideal traditional family just isn’t always possible. However, there are people who have a choice and even in these circumstances changes can be for adaptation. Be aware of the consequences of your actions.

Do you want someone else raising your children? Maybe a better question is what do want your children to know? What do you want to teach them? Who do you want them to be?

When take time for your children, you have more control over what they learn. When you neglect your family or divert responsibility to another, you allow other people to create a vision for your children. I am not talking about hovering over your child and seeing that nothing bad happens to the, rather taking charge of how you want them to be raised.

Not only are we relinquishing our influence, but we are also deferring the responsibility of love or the child. When children are really young, part of their emotional and psychological personality are being built through their sense of touch, sight, and sound. A child needs to be held by its mother and father. That is how it develops attachment, love and trust with the parent at an early age.

Outsourcing Our Food

For the past hundred years the number of farmers has steadily declined. As more and more people become part of the industrialization of America, less and less people grow their own food. This only makes sense. You have people who grow food for the population who provide other important services to the nation. Even with the implementation of GMO’s becoming more common, it is a huge advantage that most Americans don’t have to worry about their own crop.

However, in the last 50 years we have seen Americans outsource even more. America does not cook anymore. We have become more and more reliant on restaurants and frozen foods. Most people have no idea what is in the food they are eating. Ingredients are listed, but how many people actually check them and when they do, do they even know what half of those ingredients are?

Michael Pollan, author of the book Cooked, describes how their develops a relationship between us and the food we eat when we cook and when we outsource that process, we distant the relationship between us and our meal. I believe what Pollan was saying is that cooking creates a bridge between ourselves and what we are eating. That bridge is a knowledge of what we eat. We take full ownership of what our body is taking in. We don’t have to wonder what we are eating because we made it ourselves. This does not mean we have to go and make everything from scratch. We just need to make more from our kitchen. There is an interesting correlation between cooking in the home declining and obesity increasing. It is as if the more we cook the better the food is for us.


Staying home with children and cooking at home is not always possible. Depending on your circumstance it is a challenge. No one need to feel guilty if their circumstance does. However, I think it is important to become aware and to do our best to eliminate the outsourcing. Maybe, you need to make pre-cooked meals once a week at home or you need to learn how to use a crock-pot. When it comes to children see if there is anyway you can bring your child to work. If you are married think about things in your home you could give up so one of you can stay home. Maybe that is a smaller apartment, canceling your Netflix account or cable. There are o things you can give up. If you are in a situation where no matter what you can’t stay home, start asking your family first. At this point hire a nanny. Day cares are the child equivalent to cow and pig farms. You have 2 adults looking after 24 kids at a time. They need a more intimate experience.

In the end I could be full of crap. I mean what do I know, I am only a 21 year old psychology student. If you like my thoughts or think I am an idiot and would like to disagree with me, please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.