I. Humans Have Reached the Limits of Moore’s Law

Chip manufacturers have stopped developing their industry-wide roadmap for the foreseeable future because by 2020 it will be too expensive to build semiconductors smaller than 10 nanometers. It will cost more, create an increasing amount of heat, and require more electricity than the world currently produces.

Our use of computing…

In this argument, we attempt to break apart the nuance of the debate between the privacy purists and Apple’s engineering implementation of their new child safety features.

The question seemingly becomes, is Apple’s move to break end-to-end encryption a slippery slope that opens up the ability for bad actors to…

In this argument about the Attention Engine of the Internet, we have leveraged the following other arguments within it:

  • The countries of the internet are waging war (tech meets politics)
  • The key to capturing long-term human attention is fascination (creators building their businesses)
  • Time is a battery for storing energy…

Unknown, Cycling art energy and locomotion, 1889

New Argument: Attention is the Energy Driving the Internet’s Engine

Unknown, Le magasin pittoresque, vol. 5, 1837
  • $300B Annually: that’s the amount of global venture capital funding in both 2019 and 2020. Startups and Tech are the largest growth markets in history. They touch everything, but governance and legislation has not kept pace. Crunchbase News
  • 900 CEO Survey: and another 600 c-suite executives were surveyed in late…

This was a fun argument to write because it pulls together a couple of different concepts:

  • The dream of how we construct large, complex objects like buildings or entire cities that we could easily change by clicking and tapping an app on our phone
  • The microscopic engines that could drive these movements
  • And the nano energy available to use to power these microscopic engines

Please reach out if you have more information or ideas to share. We can keep adding to this argument.

Henry Justice Ford, The red fairy book, 1890

New Idea: Future Tech Will Be Powered by Nano-Electricity

  • New in Nanotech: the Casimir Effect showcases quantum fluctuations between two places at the nano scale. The advances in the last two decades will allow for precision measurement of ultra-small magnetic fields. Physics Today
  • Decentralized Social Network: a discussion thread for…

In this idea, we explore a novel analogy comparing physical countries like the United States, India, and China to digital countries like Facebook, Amazon, and Apple.

Curiously, in the internet land war that’s been waging for decades, some countries are forced to pay taxes to other countries. For example, many…

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