Forced Creation or Enforced Friction
Antoine RJ Wright

I would rather give up my iPhone than my MacBook and the iPad has never been an option for my type of work (design, code, writing, communicating). Need the external keyboard for fast typing so doesn’t make sense.

But the big miss is when I want to sketch out a concept and send it. For years been taking pics of notebooks with inventions in them and texting.

We even concepted a sketchbook with removable and reorganizable pages, I did some prototyping. It was rad but not a big enough market. And I’m not going to travel all over the world with an iPad and a MacBook not reams of paper. So I’m hamstrung.

No good solution.

Unless the next MacBook has an entire touch/sketch surface on the bottom of the laptop with keys that raise out or something. But then we’re back to iPad mode.

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