Sean, I am grateful for your article. here are my burning questions
Tamy Bjorklund

Tamy, I think the crux of your questions get to the real problem of investing in this space. Many people will assume its as safe, simple, and secure as investing in stocks or mutual funds through their 401K or a simple app like Robinhood.

But the reality is that the infrastructure enabling that hasn’t been built. It’s still the first at bat in a 9-inning ball game and everything you’re asking shouldn’t even be a question. You just open up any ole brokerage account, select something you want to purchase, and then make the buy. Then just watch your investment.

The fact that you’re asking about wallets, keys, exchanges, etc means I would not recommend you even get into this space until it plays out a bit longer.

But your questions are right on the point of what I’ve been telling people. This is a dangerous game and just playing around it in means your investment risk is $0 (i.e., theft) rather than price volatility itself.

Thanks for your comment.