Just a Few Comments from my Notes
Antoine RJ Wright

They need better threaded messaging like Branch, but I get why they don’t. A few responses:

  1. You’re right that digitization has a long way to go before we can take care of much more of our life in a virtual sense.
  2. Visual search is a weird concept to wrap your brain around. How do I input a picture. We still resort to text because it’s more precise. And I don’t want to go to google and upload an image for searching on something like “best way to do the dougie” even though the answer is a video (even richer than a text).
  3. AR: hard to truly feel the impact until it’s pervasive and being used by multiple individuals on a daily basis.
  4. Quality in the product and quality in customer service, you said it right.
  5. Playing games as a metric might be how we train / teach AI in the future so you might be more right than you initially thought.
  6. Health injestibles is the holy grail, as you say. Need to reduce friction to get adoption. Food is the single biggest factor in our health, more than our DNA. Tt’s the input we put into our machine over a lifetime. Of course it’s going to impact how that machine performs.
  7. Crypto-countries. Nice one.
  8. You’re right about growth in India looking more like China.
  9. You’re the multi-sensor wearable guy. That will eventually collapse into a single product from Apple, Google, or maybe some new player.
  10. How cheap will wearables have to become? Will it ever be a replacement for the phone itself as the next computing paradigm that reaches the entire populace? I’m bullish. Eyes = glasses, ears = buds, touch = ?
  11. Can’t patent nature. So no, nobody can patent your personal connectome. You own your own biology.
  12. Animals on t-shirts are the best.
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