If You’re Not Too Early, You’re Too Late
Michael Dempsey

Was just having a convo with a consultant who’s done lots of commercializing academic research stuff (worked for a VC for awhile). This person mentioned the super fringe stuff, especially going on inside the body, is at least ten years out and the biggest problem this person often sees isn’t so much the capability of the “tech”, but rather getting the academic to shift from how it works to why it’s valuable and why a customer would want to buy it. Then priming the market to be comfortable with it. That last part’s the hard one.

Found it interesting. But standard stuff right. Build the product. Sell the product.

Personally, was too early on the emotion and voice AI trend back in 2011. What’s really needed is enough sustenance to get you through the winter until you’re right on time. Because we “failed” being self-funded and couldn’t last the 5 more years until it tipped. So too early without deep enough pockets.

Dig the point though. Better to be early than late. That then gets me thinking: how does one explain Google as the 35th search engine? Best solution wins the day regardless of early or late? I guess the question then becomes one of defensibility.

Oy, I think I’ve just gone cross eyed :)