True confidence emerges when you consistently push-through things that suck. The longer you sit with the boredom, pain, and discomfort — and actually create something meaningful, the more confident and successful you will be.
If It Doesn’t Suck, It’s Not Worth Doing
Benjamin P. Hardy

I agree with this thing. Many people nowadays think, you must love yourself first before you can become successful. For me it’s accepting the reality in their abilities for not having some breakthroughs and believing the myth that change is bad or hard.

But here’s the fact, years have passed and they stay the way they are not having some improvements for themselves. Even just reading a book one-page a day, doing just 10–15 repetitions of pushups daily or waking 5–10 minutes earlier. The life they are pursuing was the same and they striving hard then questioning everything why they haven’t been feeling easy? Nor questioning what could’ve they do to make or feel life much easier?