3 Sales Books That Blew My Mind In 2015

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What a year it has been, huh? I hope you are satisfied with your sales performance in 2015. If not, let me know and I’ll see how I can help. For me, 2015 was a phenomenal year. I traveled to seven states, many of them multiple times, and Vancouver, BC for business. I learned a lot and sold a shit ton.

I’ve always tried to be student of sales by reading from thought leaders in the space. Some years I’ve done better than others. This year, with all of the traveling I did, I read through eight sales books. All were good, but three, though, I thought were really outstanding.

Below you’ll find three sales books that blew my mind in 2015, where you can pick up a copy of their books, their Twitter handles, and who made my shortlist. Enjoy and let me know if you end of taking any of my recommendations.

1) Predictable Revenue. Turning Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices of Salesforce.com. By Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler.

Predictable Revenue is an all around solid book, first of all, for sales leaders looking to get their sales process off the ground, but secondly for salespeople looking for new ways to generate new business for themselves. Aaron gives some very good insight, from his own experience at Salesforce.com, into how he generated $100 million for the company. He walks you through step by step how to establish lead generation with what he coins Cold Calling 2.0, the role the Sales Development Rep (or Business Development Rep) plays in qualifying leads, and why quota carrying sales reps should not be prospecting.

You can buy Aaron’s book HERE.

Aaron Ross on Twitter: https://twitter.com/motoceo.

2) The Sales Acceleration Formula. Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling To Go From $0 to $100 Million. By Mark Roberge.

I love this book for it’s quantitative approach to growing sales and growing a sales team. Much like Predictable Revenue, it describes the journey Mark took to grow a massive (and productive) sales team for Hubspot. Mark is not shy about disclosing what he found did not work, and fortunately for the reader, what he eventually found did work. I particularly enjoyed learning his process for scoring sales talent during the interview process. Mark discovered that there were five primary qualities he found in top performers that he used as a standard when looking for additional sales talent: Coachability, Curiosity, Work Ethic, Intelligence, and Prior Success. For the sales leader, this insight can be a valuable template for the hiring process. For the sales professional, these are great “secrets” to your own success.

Buy Mark’s book HERE.

Mark on Twitter: https://twitter.com/markroberge.

3) Sales Management. Simplified. The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results From Your Sales Team. By Mike Weinberg.

It’s staggering how many bad sales managers there are! I love Mike’s book because he holds no punches when talking about his experience with those shitty managers. Of the three books I mention in this post this one is most clearly about management. He succinctly breaks down Sales Management into three buckets: Sales Leadership and Culture, Talent Management, and Sales Process. One of my most favorite takeaways was how he suggest structuring the manager-salesperson 1:1, which Mike calls the Sales Management Accountability Progression. There are three phases: 1) Results, 2) Pipeline, and 3) Activities. If you are working with a top performer and the results are there, he says there is no need to talk about the other two phases and the meeting is over. If results are not where they need to be then what is in the pipeline is the next order of conversation. Then, naturally, if there are no substantial deals in the pipeline it is an issue of activities or lack thereof.

Buy Mike’s book HERE.

Mike on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mike_weinberg.

4) My 2015 shortlist:

Not Taught. What It Takes To Be Successful In The 21st Century That Nobody’s Teaching You. By Jim Keenan. Buy. Twitter.

Agile Selling. Get Up To Speed Quickly In Today’s Ever-Changing Sales World. By Jill Konrath. Buy. Twitter.

Influence. Science and Practice. By Robert Cialdini. Buy. Twitter.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. How To Tell Your Story In A Noisy Social World. By Gary Vaynerchuck. Buy. Twitter.

Little Red Book Of Selling. 12.5 Principles Of Selling Greatness. By Jeffrey Gitomer. Buy. Twitter.