4 Cold Calling Power Moves To Get The Appointment

Cold calls are one of the most difficult parts of the sales process to master. It’s rejection-dense, exhausting, and fast pace. Master cold calling and you will always have a source of leads within your control.

Next time you make your cold calls I want you to use this framework:

  1. Quick Intro- Say your name and what company you work for. Make sure not to ask how they are doing or you’ll give them a chance to stop you before you get any further.
  2. Succinct Value Proposition- Transition directly into the specific value your company provides to the prospect. Don’t talk about what your company does, tell them how your product can solve their problem(s).
  3. Softball Question- In many cases if you try to ask for a commit first thing off you’ll get shut down, a brush off, or hung up on. Ask a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ softball question that leads you to open dialogue. When you ask your softball question you should be able to tie it back to your value prop regardless of what they say.
  4. Simple Commit- Ask for a simple commitment that puts you back in control of the conversation — usually this would be to ask them for a discovery call.

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