In Sales, What You Think You Are Becomes Your Own Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Tell yourself you are great, and you will be great. It’s not wishful thinking or black magic — it’s neuroscience. Don’t believe me, just keep reading.

Neuroscientists have known as far back as 1911 that what you think in your mind is directly tied to your actions. Dr. Henry Head and Dr. Gordon Morgan Holmes studied women who wore large, tall, feathered hats as they walked through doorways. What they learned is that even when women weren’t wearing their hats they still ducked through doorways. The women were so accustom to wearing tall hats, that even when they weren’t, their thoughts still dictated their actions. There was a direct connection between what they thought and what they did.

Think of any great athlete (Kobe Bryant) or business person (Gary Vaynerchuck) and you’ll find a high level of confidence that they are successful and are on the road to more success. You’ve never heard of any successful person reaching the pinnacle of success because they didn’t believe in themselves, have you?

The key? Self-affirmation. Tell yourself the thing you want to become and you will eventually become it.

In sales you have to master the art of unwavering confidence, because sales is rejection-dense. If you don’t, you die. Tell yourself you are successful, intelligent, sharp, confident, and your brain starts to believe it. Want to be a better closer? Start telling yourself you are. Want to crush your quota? Yup, tell yourself you’re going to do it.

Now, what I’m not saying is that you can wish for anything you want and it will appear with no effort. You’ve got to put in the work. Hustle. Grind it out. If you’re not good at handling objections, practice how you’ll respond the night prior to your sales call. If you suck at cold calling, make more cold calls. Practice the skills necessary until they become second nature.

Just remember that when you want to be the best in class, what you think you are becomes your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Once you start to believe you are something, the habits and commitment follow.

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