What’s The Good Of Fitness Information Without Action?

Do you think proper education is enough to succeed in reaching your fitness goals? If you think so, I’d like to challenge that idea.

You can have all the information and tips in the world (musclebuildingdigital.com), but it’s what you actually do with that information that matters. We don’t need more information. More information does not solve problems — taking action does.

Most people who get into fitness have a goal, such as to get bigger and stronger for sport, or to simply look better in a bikini. Some do it to improve their general health. Some do it because they love competition with themselves and others. Some people love to be limber, and agile. Others love what it does for their confidence. Some just wanna look great in and out of clothes. All of these are great reasons to get into fitness.

But then others get into fitness because they have problems. Sometimes they’re obese and the doctor said they’d go to an early grave if they don’t get their act together. Some are uncomfortable with their weight/shape, and it makes them self-conscious. Instead of feeling sexy, they feel unattractive, and this really funks with their mental state.

Good Intentions With No Action

People want to change for the better. Their intentions are good, but they process of achieving these changes are not so robust. In the worst case, people get in a rush, and find themselves getting more and more frustrated because they commit to a plan, and then fall off the bandwagon. It becomes a never-ending cycle of creating positive intentions to change, and then later feeling unmotivated, or burnt out, only to quit prematurely before any of the good stuff begins to happen.

This is something I've been thinking about for a long time, and wanted to find a way that would begin to help solve this problem. I think I've gotten pretty close, and I want to tell you about it.

So How Can You Start Taking The Action To Reach Your Fitness Goals?

You need to get clear on your fitness goals, and then develop the mindset that will allow you to conquer and crush those goals, and continue doing so for a life time. You don’t need more information than is necessary. In fact, if you have too much information, it might be making you stagnant. You probably need accountability, and some prodding more than anything.


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