Knowing thy self is self-mastery

I just recently started this new goal to where I read a book a week. It’s going good, I’m on week 3. I’m already a pretty heavy reader reading tons articles not just books. I thought what the hell lets 10x this and see where it goes.

What I’ve found, was that the key to all keys is ( Master Key ) to master yourself. You have to understand what makes you function. Going even deeper then that being self-aware to the minute details of yourself. But it doesn’t stop there.

Peter F Drucker from his book Managing Oneself says:

“Successful careers are not planned. They develop when people are prepared for opportunities because they know their strengths, their method of work, and their values.”

You find out what your strengths are and double … triple down on them.

Gary Vee said something similar:

“Self-awareness allows people to recognize what things they do best so they can then go hard on those aspects of their life. It also helps you accept your weaknesses.”

So knowing that, I found a personality test online. And what I found out amazed me. (Which is the main reason why I’m even writing this. )

According to 16 personalities I am a INFJ. It was amazing how accurate it was. Almost like someone knew who I was. I want to leave you with that practical information. I hope this helps, it certainly helped me.

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