The Scourge of Ashland

“We need to hunt them”, these are the words Don Stone spoke that turned a city council meeting for deer into a rally cry for cullings, professional hunters, and sterlization. These calls for action where fueled by stories from residents who have had close calls with aggresive deer that have chased them and their dogs.

The city council came to the conclusion that killing deer in an aggressive manner was not the smart or humane action to take. To support this claim evidence was shown to support the idea that culling and mass sterlization are ineffective. Killing deer would just leave more room for others to move in and sterilizing them is hugely expensive and ineffective In the span of a year sixty two deer where found dead and removed by city workers in Ashland. Ten of which where determined to be from car accidents. Sixteen percent, that how many deer deaths in a year are contributed to car accidents.

Videos with “educational purpose” were purposed by Allan Sandler as a middle ground option to teach in schools and possibly on television. The video would show how to deal with aggressive deer and entail proactive steps to take. An idea much more humane then a culling or harvest. This idea suggests that education is the key to fixing the deer problem in ashland.

When disscussing public topics with such difference in opinion on how to fix things being a moderate isnt easy but at the end of the city council meeting all extreme ideas were thrown out. Cool heads prevailed

watch the full meeting here

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