Location 180 Digs Episode 6: Shangri-La Maldives Treehouse Villa

So my plan for the vlog this week got thrown out the window for two reasons.

The first, was the day I was going to shoot most of it turned out to be whiteout conditions in the morning here in Vail.

The second reason was that when I arrived here my tripod had been snapped in half on the flight. I’m not even sure how that happens, but the fact remains, it was going to be tough to shoot either of the videos I had in mind.

So I moved to the next best thing: Location 180 Digs.

I still hadn’t edited one of the videos from the Maldives, so I put that together with a few shots from Vail after the weather got better.


Originally published at www.seanogle.com on March 3, 2016.

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