We will be going through the React Hooks concept and their use cases upon FlatList implementation in React Native. Let’s catch the idea of creating a FlatList from scratch and build the on-demand data fetch logic along with this article. Also, we can try out the Animated API upon scrolling event too!

The FlatList in Hooks. And probably, some performance optimization configurations.

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React Hooks?

Hooks are javascript functions, that allow us to use state without writing up a class.

Therefore, Hooks will be used in React function components only instead of React Component Classes.

Bear in mind that the rules we need to follow, the do and don’t, as outlined in the Hooks Documentation.


Imagine the working theory of a sequence, or maybe you can think of how an array works to understand it better.

In the case of render process in React, Hooks will be called in the exact same order for every render. If you get mess up with the order that calls within render, it might lead to data inconsistency. …

I made a choice, for both the persons who input and the developer, for good.

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Sample Excel

Import data through CSV files into a system is quite a norm, especially when we are dealing with big records of data, we will opt this approach to insert multiple records into the database tables through a single click.

As a software developer/engineer, you probably had come across to data import features during your career life.

Have you ever have a thought : Why a CSV file? Not an Excel instead?

A CSV file is simply known as comma-separated values file.

Build forms, and handle them in your standard way.

The form things, in React Native.

— Forms in React Native? Let’s try out Formik, Yup? Right. Yup!

It’s inevitably to engage with forms when building up an application. We are pleased that there are quite a few good options of form libs out there. Name them React Hook Form, Formik and Redux Form.

Let’s have some fundamental differences check between the mentioned libraries.

We had bundle sizes compared using https://bundlephobia.com/ to the latest version of the respective packages.

Fundamental Comparisons

However our Top pick today: Formik + Yup.

Formik is a form control libs using controlled components in React. It’s gaining its popularity and currently achieving 21.5k stars in github. It helps take care of repetitive form events like tracking values, errors and touched fields. Instead of utilising external state like redux or MobX, it manage form state locally and ephemerally to keep a smaller bundle size. …

Sending FB style reactions through the socket — Realtime!

— How to beat your boredom with JS libraries : NodeJS , Socket IO and ReactJS ?

COVID-19 is BAD.

With total cases breaking 1 million, including death toll surged past 60,000 globally, nations are subsequently applying circuit breakers to citizens’ daily routines and this slows down productivity. From an economic point of view, regardless of sectors, the country’s output if not declined, is forecast to witness a much slower growth overall.

Nevertheless, there have been some greens rejoice over environmental effects due to COVID-19 Restrictions. …

[Version: Alias] — The safer way to deploy your AWS Lambda Function

— Simple Walkthrough

When we come across software or architecture development using Serverless computing services in AWS, probably Lambda will be a good option. AWS Lambda along with other services like API Gateway, Amazon S3 as well as DynamoDB can serve as the basic needs for us to run a website.

Better still, a Serverless approach can save up time and effort managing server(s) and operating system(s) that required to set a site up. With AWS Lambda, we only pay for the compute time it’s consumed. In other words, there is no charge upon period when your code is not RUNNING.

But… Why Do We Need Lambda Versioning?

It’s no doubt, the cost of software/system failure can bring serious repercussions to your business. Deployment of a buggy function not only will it affects the particular behavior of the system, but as well it brings bad impressions directly to your consumers. …


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