We Just Launched The Most Honest Viral Video Ever…

Consumers have no idea how health insurance lead generation works and or how it has worked for almost two decades now. Here’s our take on what it has been like for consumers seeking legitimate health insurance quotes online, going all the way back to the year 2000….

In Case You’re Wondering, Yes, That’s A Coffee Drone

As we state in our viral video, HealthNetwork is neither a lead generation company, nor do we own or manage lead generation websites that resell your personal data to dozens of other companies. We don’t sell your information to anyone. We’re simply an unbiased conduit for health insurance — a company that operates with an ethical (consumer focused) business model. We are litterally the only contrarian within healthcare marketing. This crazy model of ours, it works, consumers appreciate it, as such we’ve gone from zero to reaching more than 15 million health insurance shoppers annually in less than three years. Oh yeah, and we haven’t raised a dime from anyone to get to this point.

Unfortunately, most consumers have experienced some form of the “computer web’s” version of a bait and switch ploy. What do I mean by that? Well, often consumers will be researching something they need — — health insurance, auto insurance, mortgage rates and etc. — — and they’ll fill out a lead form on a website that has misled them to believe that after filling out said form, they’ll be presented with the information (price quotes) they’re seeking. Unfortunately, that’s not how lead gen works. Instead of getting information on the approximate cost of health insurance, your personal information (lead) is getting sold off to countless random parties.

Afterwards, there’s usually some kind of “exit page” that says that someone (realistically and in truth, many, many someones) will be in touch. That “exit page” will also advise you to click on a bunch of ads for sites that do the exact same thing. The next thing you know your phone won’t stop ringing with phone calls. Right now it’s a real “$%#* show” within the health insurance industry from a marketing perspective because of a dozen or so ethically bankrupt companies. Some of these companies are robo-dialing consumers upwards of 90 times in a single day. Also, 95% of these lead gen companies are asking consumers to disclose private personal information that they do not need to ask for, for example whether or not they have a pre-existing health condition. This is not good for consumers.

Since the launch of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) there’s been exactly one investigative report done by a major publication detailing what’s going on and how consumers are being targeted and misled by slimy lead gen companies.

We certainly hope people appreciate all of the hard work and effort that went into this viral video campaign (our attempt at comedy) and if we can dare to dream, we hope it reaches millions of views… even if that doesn’t happen, that’s okay, because with this campaign, at the very least, HealthNetwork is continuing our fight to help educate and protect consumers, and we’re calling out those who don’t.

We’re not close to being done either, this is only the begining.

“Don’t you know it’s a dollar a minute to talk on these things!”

At HealthNetwork we respect the consumer, their privacy, and we actually care about whether or not they get enrolled in a health insurance plan that is actually a fit for their needs.

Putting other people first, crazy idea right….

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